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May News

Grange Park Parking
Grange Park School is being expanded and the work has now started. This means that there is no parking allowed in the school at all. Please park in the side roads outside, it is not that far to walk.

Also we may have to use an entrance around the right hand side to get into the building. I will try my best to signpost this. I am assured that our training hall will be unaffected.
Please don’t try and drive in through the pedestrian entrance.

Enfield Gradings 2014
Grange Park School, Enfield N21 1PP. All Saturday’s all 12pm start
June 21st, September 13th & December 6th
I need your entries by the Wednesday before the grading. Make sure you have done the required amount of lessons since your last grading. It is 18 minimum below a blue belt, 36 above. I do keep a register and it only creates an uncomfortable situation if you ask to grade without enough training.

Alternate Gradings
Challney School, Luton,
All Sunday’s all 1.30pm start
July 6th, September 21st & December 14th
If you choose to grade here I need your entries at least 2 weeks before the grading date and I will probably not be present.

Kingsmead Saturdays
From now until the end of June all classes will be in the Drama Room, the other side of the playground behind our usual gym. Please bring trainers to all classes from now to September as in nice weather we may train outside. When it’s really hot feel free to wear a plain or tae kwon-do t shirt.

Training Changes in May
The following classes are cancelled in May at the time of writing, all other classes are on!
Monday 5th, Bank Holiday - No training
Monday 26th, Bank Holiday - No training
Tuesday 27th, Goffs School 6-7pm
Wednesday 28th, Grange Park 8-9pm
Thursday 29th, Grange Park 6.30-7.30pm,

Monthly Club Subscriptions
All monthly payments are due on the first session of the month and will be for a calendar month. Due to the extra weeks and the 5 days available training there will be 12 full payments. The only exception to this will be in August, when I will be closing all the schools for 2 weeks. On this occasion pay half subs, or if you pay by bank transfer pay as normal and I will give you half the cash back. If you are a once a week monthly payer, feel free to train on another day that week if your day is cancelled.

Club Hoodies
We now have a range of club hoodies.£20 or £21 for children, £24 or £25 Adult sizes

Clash of The Titans
Congratulations to the TAGB squad who this weekend won Clash of the Titans for the 4th year running. This is the competition where all the styles, Karate, Kung Fu, Freestyle Kick boxing etc. send their elite fighters to compete against each other (and can’t beat us)

Many Happy returns to the following:
Cliff Adams – 10th
Thomas Casey – 10th
Nabil Boudefar – 13th
Paul Williams – 20th
Dakarai O’Garro – 2nd
Xavier Ham – 10th
Angus Lusty – 11th
Mabel Danquah – 18th
Marzuq Al-Rahman – 22nd
Dilhan Gunay – 22nd
Isaac Nesbeth – 24th

Licence Renewals May
Luca Verde
Will Eaton
Hong Tran-Thuy
Expired J and M Rose-Price

Calendar of Events
May 18-Welsh Champs-Cardiff
June 20/21-Instructors course pt 1-Bristol
June 28 – Refs 1 and 2 – Willenhall
Sept 6-Scottish Champs- Scotland
Sept 20 – Umpires 1 – Cardiff
Sept 21 – Umpires 2 – Cardiff
October 17/19-Black belt grade-Bristol
Nov 1 – Refs 1 and 2 – Cardiff
Nov 8/9-Instructors course pt 2-Bristol
Nov 30-British Champs-Worcester

Black Belt Gradings
For the October grading let me know by Sept 1st, then all paperwork by Sept 13th

Pre Black Belt Sessions
NOTE – The South East Sessions are no longer at Dorking. The New venue is Garth Hill College,
Bull Lane, Bracknell RG42 2LN. The Luton venue is Challney School, Stoneygate Rd, Luton LU4 9TJ.
The Rickmansworth venue is Royal Masonic Girls School, Princess Marina Sports Complex, Chorleywood Rd, WD3 4HF

Tues 30th Sept – Luton-6pm
Tues 7th Oct – Luton - 6pm
Thurs 9th Oct – Rickmansworth – 6pm

Mr Sergiews Syston, Leicester dates are:-
All Saturdays 11-12pm black tags, 12-1pm black belts
Sept 27th, Oct 4th and 11th

Could all cheques be made out to Enfield Taekwondo, please. If you would prefer to pay by standing order see me for details.

The TAGB, through me, sell a full range of manuals, dvd’s, clothing, equipment etc. If you require anything just see me.

Sparring Kit
All sparring kit used in class must have approved by Tae Kwon Do International marked on it, with the TAGB logo

Training and Gradings
It is quite noticeable, especially amongst the junior members that if there is a grading coming up and they are not ready to grade they miss training for 2, 3, even 4 weeks. If they are only training once a week, and especially at holiday periods they forget everything and I have to start teaching them all over again. The 18 lessons/ 36 lessons(Blue belts and above) rule for grading is simply that that’s the minimum timescale required to learn the syllabus properly. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR LICENCES WITH YOU! At pre Black belt sessions remember to pay £5 entry if you are not grading and sign the sheet

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